Frog Cake Jabba The Hutt Mash up

frog cake jabba the hutt
frog cake

Sometimes I’m old and anti-internet, and then sometimes I AM COMPLETELY CHARMED by something as ridiculously cute as this frog cake from Oracle Bakery. There is something so gentle and sweet about two plump dollops of green buttercream dressed up as froggy buddies, just chilling on a mushroom-festooned cake. It’s definitely got a “don’t worry, be happy” childlike vibe that is soothing to my tired little mind.

oracle bakery style frog cake

I wanted to make a “Star Wars cake meets Oracle Bakery frog cake” mash-up for Star Wars Day – and since I have a light obsession with Jabba the Hutt, he seemed like the right little buddy for Frogman. After a bit of light googling, I found this wonderful YouTube vid by Tipo’s Homebakes showing the whole shebang on how to make Oracle Bakery’s frog cake. Super helpful! I used my biggest open circle tip I could find to make the frog and Jabba. I used smaller Wilton #5 round tips to pipe the outlines of the 2-D mushrooms, and used a #10 to pipe the shroom stems and caps on the top of the cake!


For the 3D mushrooms, I piped all of the mushroom caps onto parchment paper and froze them for ten minutes before placing them on top of the stems. I used pre-coloured black fondant for the eyes-n-smilez, because I had some in my pantry and I didn’t feel like making a tiny amount of black buttercream… :P You could certainly use melted dark chocolate though! I used little candy sprinkle pearl things for the caps, too.


I piped Froggo and Jabbo on their own parchment paper strips and froze them in carbonite, too! Freezing them will make them much easier to handle and place onto your cake, especially if you, like me, piped about a dozen green buttercream literal turds before you found the frog shape body you were looking for. I also used an offset spatula to smooth my frog bod and Jabba’s tail addition.

slice of vegan chocolate cake

For the cake, I made the dark chocolate cake from Food 52’s Genius Desserts cookbook! The recipe is by plant based yogurt guru (yoguru?) Anita Shepherd and it’s got a secret ingredient… it’s green… no, it’s not frogs. It’s avocado. ^__^ The cake turned out fluffy and super moist, and I decorated it with a simple vegan buttercream. I think next time I’ll add more cocoa powder and some melted chocolate to the cake to really amp up the choco-flavour.

buttercream frog with buttercream jabba

Look at these besties!! (Or maybe lovers? Who am I to judge.) Of course, at the last minute, smart husband suggested Grogu on the top of the cake eating frog eggs, which would have been pretty darn clever and cute. Maybe next year??? xo Lyndsay the Hutt

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