Two Little Cutie Birthday Parties

Yay kids! Yay kid birthday parties! Yay cool parents! Yay to all!

Aaro’s 2nd birthday – construction themed! That little moustachioed construction worker is killing me. He’s a cool guy. Thanks to Jenny for the construction-themed inspiration! And blue and green robot head? I made him for Fox’s 1st birthday! I can’t get enough of fun birthday orders like these ones. Thanks so much Andrea and Rachel for the awesome orders.

Happy 2nd Birthday Aaro and Happy 1st Birthday Fox!

8 Responses to “Two Little Cutie Birthday Parties”

  1. Jennywenny

    So cute! Such an honor to get a mention from such a rockstar baker! Thanks!

  2. { Nina Designs }

    Wow, the cupcakes are so cute!!!! Merry Xmas!!!!

  3. lyndsay

    thank you, jenny! you are an amazing baker yourself!!

    thanks, nina!! ^__^

  4. 1st birthday cakes

    Really good work done by you on the given theme.

  5. Vancouver Photobooth

    Wow these cakes are awesome. So cute! Love the little details!

  6. My Life is My Art

    Hmmmmm… yummyy…..

    will share recipe?

  7. Anonymous

    the construction theme looks like bob the builder, any connection?

  8. MateiTaina

    Penguin, robot, kitty :3 so nice and colorful and tasty looking :D.


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