Unicorns Know How To Part-ay

Cute! Unicorn and pony themed cupcakes for cute little Megan’s farm-themed birthday! All part of last weekend’s descent into cake madness for busy as a beaver Coco Cake!

Mom Winnie had wonderful things to say about the cupcakes:

“The cupcakes were so cute! They were awesome! The kids all had a blast with eating the ponies, unicorns and the grass of their cupcakes. Some kids ate the whole thing (wow!) and many parents complimented on the yummy cake! I ate Megan’s cake portion of her cupcake (chocolate) and it was great! Not too sweet and perfectly fluffy!”

Hooray! Happy Birthday Megan!

10 Responses to “Unicorns Know How To Part-ay”

  1. kim @ stellacake

    Is there anything you CAN’T do? So, so great! (I can’t help it, they remind me of ‘Charlie The Unicorn’ on YouTube!)

  2. gyoza*girl

    ooh, those turned out so cute! nice work li’l sis! happy birthday megan!!!! xo

  3. Camilla Baker

    fantastic as usual- how do you make grass like that?

  4. chagrin not

    omg unicorns! unicorns are the best.so cute, love the grass icing.

  5. lyndsay

    thanks kim!! ok, gotta google CHarlie the Unicorn now… :)

    thanks big sis!!!

    thanks camilla! it’s a special frosting tip that has a bunch of holes. like that old playdough hair-making thing. :)

    thanks chagrin not! :)

  6. Jennywenny

    Love the unicorns, so cute!

  7. Snooky doodle

    so cute!!!!!!!!

  8. Hannah Haworth

    :O Unicorns!!!!! I LOVE unicorns! I am wearing one on my necklace just now : )

  9. You Are My Fave

    Unicorns and cupcakes make everything better.

  10. lyndsay

    thanks j-wenn!

    thanks natalie (snooky doodle!)

    thanks hannah!

    thanks you are my fave! :)


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