Wedding Wonderful – Crafty Wedding Cakes!

2011 is here and I’ve been inundated with many wonderful emails from many lovely sounding brides and grooms… here are some of my favourite wedding cupcake and cake pics from the last year… !

Speaking of weddings… I will be in the one and only Indie I Do wedding fair this Saturday, January 22nd at Heritage Hall here in Vancouver! (Incidentally the Hall where Rich and I got married four years ago! — I’ve attached a picture here for sentimental value… hee!) Indie I Do is a superfun wedding fair, with a great underlying energy, for artsy and artful, vintage-look, alternative and crafty brides and grooms! So come on out this Saturday and meet me, Lyndsay, and my lovely assistant Sharon! I will also have cupcakes for sale!

Also, look for a month’s worth of guest posts by little old me, Auntie Coco Cake, over at the AMAZING design blog Poppytalk, starting tomorrow! So cool! I’m excited since I’ve followed her blog for years and think it’s so inspirational!

Bye for now Coco Cakers!

xo Lyndsay

Rich and I on our wedding day, January 13 2007! Pics by Jonetsu. Cake by Ganache Patisserie!

8 Responses to “Wedding Wonderful – Crafty Wedding Cakes!”

  1. confetti

    THAT cake at your wedding was so cute- the pineapple!
    You have quite a collection of wedding cakes, Alex and Abbey’s is adorbs.

  2. Tanya

    Oh! You look amazing!

    Cute cakes :)

  3. Lara

    Stunning amazing aWEsome. Wow.

  4. lyndsay

    thanks confetti!! xo

    awww thanks tanya! ^_^

    thanks lara!! ^_^

  5. Brandy L


  6. ricebabies

    I love that silhouette cake. That wedding picture is soooooo pretty. I think remember the first time we really talked was at an AU spring camp, I married Jan 11 you the 13.

    Happy belated Anni

  7. Stephanie Joanna

    oh my gosh, I just LOVE the idea of having a silhouette cake! Brilliant. I’ll definitely be marking that down in my “wedding inspiration” notebook. :)

  8. lyndsay

    thanks brandy!!

    awwww thanks kellie! ^__^

    thanks stephanie!! the silhouette cake turned out quite nice, i was happy with it even though i felt stressed about it beforehand! ^__^


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